In our world we are using AI everywhere and each step of our lives, our classrooms are no exception. AI technology is transforming the way we learn, engage and innove. Therefor the time has come to redefine our educational programmes and assessment strategies, empowering students to harness the potential of these cutting edge AI tools responsively and efficiently.

As an eductor, there are some key areas we should consider while using AI in our classroom.

First of all priotorize teaching students how to use AI ethically and wisely is crucial in preparing them for the digital age. In order to realize that we need to,

  • Encourage students to think critically about AI technologies.
  • Emphasize the importance of protecting technical data and privacy when using AI tools and platforms.
  • Incorporate hands on projects that involve using AI tools or creating simple AI applications.
  • Present real world examples of both positive and negative AI applications.
  • Teach students the importance of transparency when using AI tools.
  • Provide scnerios when students need to make ethical decisions related to AI use.
  • Organize group discusions and colloborative activities that encourage students to share their perspectives on AI ethics.

These all helps them learn from one another and consider different view points in terms of using AI in the clasroom experiences.

            By asking AI to help generate ideas to make lessons more culturally responsive, teachers and students are likely to have a more engaging learning experience, culturally responsive lessons are more memorable to students and usually result in fewer off task behavious using AI to generate ideas can save teachers time and help with suggestions they had never considered. The result is a more positive and affirming learning experience for students.

            Educators must “help the next generation face the reality of the world and develop instruments and ways of navigating this reality with integrity,” Harouni says. Students are well aware that technologies such as ChatGPT exist and are already experimenting with them on their own, but they need guidance about how to use them responsibly.


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